Treats, Texture, and Tempo

The art show displayed the work of graphic design, art, guitar, photography, multimedia, and culinary students.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

For any of those who missed the art show this past Friday, 12 Dec. from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., you have my pity, because the art show featured the talent of many of Horizon Honors’ students in art, guitar, culinary, graphic design, photography, and multimedia. Ranging from the breathtaking photographs featured in the media center to the lifelike graphite drawings in the art room, this year’s art show was impressive to say the least.

Starting with the media center, which was completely covered with the creativity of graphic design, photography, and multimedia students, the art show was off to a strong start. The graphic design pieces, perhaps due to a personal preference for the subject, were particularly appealing to the eye, clearly demonstrating the hidden talent of some of Horizon Honors’ students and their hard work to put together such professional pieces. If interested in seeing the work of Multimedia 3/4 and 5/6 students, one could sit at computers and explore websites, programs, and more created by these talented students. Progressing through the gallery in the media center, eventually your eyes will arrive at the visually aesthetic pieces of photography, which were surprising to see the talent of these students with each and every piece looking astounding to the eye.

Progressing through the high school courtyard, one could sample the delectable treats created by the Horizon Honors’ culinary classes. The desserts were apparently so popular that they were nearly finished by the end of the night. Moving into the community room, one could begin to take in the gorgeous art of all students in Melinda Buttrey’s classes, ranging from Introduction to Art to Art 5/6 Honors. The pleasantly surprising skills of these students must be noted. Walking through and seeing the amazing talent of the art students throughout the semester was astounding. Seeing the variations of the standard projects for Introduction of Art and Art 1/2 students was incredible to see, as each artist’s individual voice shined through in their work. On the other hand, seeing the creative work of the art 3/4 and 5/6 students, who had the ability to come up with their own projects, was stunning. Additionally, the collaborative project created by all the art students was impressive – the interactive piece with fishing lines made to look like rain using hot glue drops and a background of cloud drawn by various art students (even some not from art), where guests could sit on the chair underneath the rain drops and have their photo taken. The combination of the repeated projects and original ideas was a unique and interesting blend, chock full of projects taking up the community room, art room, and hallway to the auditorium.

Starting at 6:45 p.m., the auditorium was full of people waiting to hear the melodic notes of Horizon Honors’ guitar students. Playing songs that, as Brian Murphy stated, were ranging from classical music to the Beatles, the guitar class did incredibly well. The guitar classes, consisting of both middle and high school students, played “Ode To Joy,” “Duke of Earl,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Au Clair De La Lune,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (a crowd favorite), “Let It Be,” and “Eleanor Rigby.” In addition to this wide-ranging showcase of songs, the performance was accompanied by a song performed by only guitar 3/4 students, “Prelude No. 4,” and two solos along with vocals, “Stand by Me” by seventh grader Samantha Garcia and “I See Fire” by sophomore Kinsey McDaniel. Needless to say, the hard work of these students certainly paid off in hearing the melodic songs played by the students, appreciated by the audience.

Congratulations to all of the students who were able to participate in this wonderful event and a job well done to all the staff members who helped to make sure that these students could display their work. If, by some unfortunate event, you missed out on the art show, be sure to attend the second one of the year on 15 May at 6 p.m.