Sabella Emerges in World of Photo

Horizon Honors photography student, Raheem Sabella, will have three photos featured in the Emerge exhibition at Gilbert’s Art Intersection.


Photo Courtesy of Alexa Geidel

Junior Raheem Sabella has three photographs featured in Gilbert’s Art Intersection’s fifth-annual Emerge exhibition.

Alexa Geidel, Editor-In-Chief

Photography student, junior Raheem Sabella, was walking around Gilbert one day when he saw an opportunity. A local art gallery, Art Intersection, was going to be hosting Emerge, a student photography exhibition, from April 25 to May 23. Confident in his abilities and ready to show off his different skills as a photographer, Sabella submitted four pieces to catch the gallery’s eye.

The news came back that three of his photos were accepted to be displayed at the temporary exhibition and juried show – he was also informed that he was the only applicant to have three pieces displayed. Sabella admits he was only expecting one piece to get in and was shocked when he  found out about the three.

Sabella looks forward to getting more work done in the industry and doing something bigger in the future, including, if he wins one of the cash prizes, further funding his love of photography. Sabella sums it up perfectly, “I’m glad I was accepted into this competition and it’s going to be a great learning experience for me and hopefully further my career as a photographer.”

Come support Raheem Sabella at the free Emerge exhibition at Art Intersection (207 N. Gilbert Rd # 201, Gilbert, AZ, 85234) from April 25 to May 23, 2015.