Let’s Get Magical!

Harry Potter Club is one of the newest clubs at Horizon Honors and is satisfyingly similar to the “Harry Potter” universe.

Xander Sharpe, Columnist

Horizon Honors is known for having great clubs, and Harry Potter Club is one of the best additions yet. The club has different “lessons” every time the club meets and they’re all based on real classes in the “Harry Potter” universe (including the books and movies). This club also does crafts and recipes inspired by the “Harry Potter” universe from time to time. Some examples are making Butterbeer (which is a non-alcoholic beverage) and creating your own “Harry Potter” wands. All the people in this club are in love with “Harry Potter” so it’s a great place to share your thoughts and opinions about the series. I interviewed one of the leaders of the club, seventh grader Sasha Wells, and this is what she had to say:

The Horizon Sun: What sparked your interest in “Harry Potter?”

Sasha Wells, Co-Leader: What sparked my interest for “Harry Potter” is the fact that the books were so well written and so well thought out. They are easy to fall in love with.

The Sun: What do you find interesting about the “Harry Potter” universe?

SW: I find Dumbledore interesting because of how he knows and understands everything, then [author’s note: spoiler alert ahead!] accepted the fact that he will die. Plus, he was the cause of most of Harry’s success against the Dark Lord.

The Sun: What made you want to start Harry Potter Club?

SW: I wanted to start Harry Potter Club because I know a lot of people like “Harry Potter,” and I wanted to share my passion for it with them. In addition, with more Potterheads [“Harry Potter” fans] around, everyone can dig a little deeper into the “Harry Potter” universe by learning things from others.

The Sun: What is your favorite part about this club?

SW: My favorite part is the fanfiction because I learn a lot more about potential facts of “Harry Potter” that are extremely intriguing.

The Sun: Is it hard planning things for the club, or is it a breeze?

SW: Honestly, when I have the time to plan for things, it is just a breeze because all of the members pitch in and make it easier for me to lead the club.

The Sun: Could you talk about some exciting things planned for the club?

SW: The most exciting thing is that quidditch is finally starting up! We will play real college quidditch, perhaps having Arizona State University coming over to Horizon and teaching us (with approval by principal).

Harry Potter Club is every Tuesday at 2:35 p.m. in room 102, and is definitely a great and magical experience to try out sometime.