Rising Records

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Horizon Honors has won multiple championships in several sports and is an athletically skilled, capable school. Over the years, students have continued to set records , including now-teacher Ann Shaheen’s shot put record of 33’3”. Nate Agostini, the schools sports director, is also a long time supporter of Horizon Honors and secondary sports.

The Horizon Sun: When do you think any school records might be broken for any sport?

Nate Agostini: Not one team or sport is better than another, and we keep winning championships every year. We keep breaking new track and state championship records each year, over a 22-year history.

The Sun: Has Horizon Honors broken any state records?

NA: It’s hard to tell because Arizona is a very big state, but we have won many, many championships and state championships.

The Sun: What do you think will be/are the hardest records to break?

NA: It’s hard to say; each sport is individually different. Each sport has its own feel and tone. Although, last year was a very successful year for Horizon [Honors] sports as we won a new total amount of games and multiple championships.

Ann Shaheen is now a teacher who holds a shot put record that is still standing for 15 years strong.

The Sun: How do you feel about holding the longest track and field record?

Ann Shaheen: I’m pretty proud of it, but I can’t wait until one of my students takes down my record and puts their name up.

The Sun: Did it take a lot of training?

AS: Yes, I trained really hard, six days a week, and I was in four sports at that time: volleyball, basketball, softball, and track and field.

The Sun: Was this record a good representative for Horizon Honors and their values?

AS: Yes. What’s pretty cool about track and field is that most events are individual, so it gives more of an opportunity for a person to shine, because when you set a record, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and also competition for somebody else to break.

With Horizon Honors continuing to make progress in sports each practice and every season, it is crucial to keep challenging ourselves to improve and keep setting more records.