HHMS Boys’ Basketball Begins

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Middle school boys basketball tryouts are over, and a few practices have commenced. Another season filled with games and action is starting. With hopes of the making it to the championship, Horizon Honors boys have well thought out objectives and strategies for this season.

The Horizon Sun: What are your expectations for this season?

Matthew Otero, seventh grade: To excel in games and get the plays right.

Ian Day, eighth grade: To win games and have great teamwork.

Michael Keelen, eighth grade: For us to win at least five games and try to make it to the championships.

The Sun: How will you get the plays right?

MO: Practicing the plays and communicating well while listening.

The Sun: How will you achieve this?

MK: Keeping a good attitude and playing good defense.

ID: Keep our heads up and have a positive mindset.

Last season, the middle school boys’ team lost every game, but not without a fight. This season, the boys plan to come back and go all the way to the finals. They are prepared to do whatever it takes, such as practicing as hard as they can and communicating better.