String Picasso


Kelleigh Hogan

This string art is created in the design of a circle. All that was needed to create this was wood, nails, string, and a hammer.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever tried to create visually appealing artwork? But, after hours of work, all you have to show is a mess of paint stains and a whole lot of frustration and anger; art that definitely needs a title to show what it is. However, there is a medium of art that is simple to make and clean up! String art can create visually appealing artwork that is extremely easy for anyone to do.


1 flat-surfaced board, any size


Template, if needed


Drill, if needed

Multiple packages of flathead nails, an inch and a half long at least

String, any color or weight, as much as needed


Sketch your design onto the board using a pencil or template, if you have one. Next, if you have a drill, create the holes for the nails. Keep in mind that straight lines need only a couple of nails to show their shape, while jagged or curved lines need many nails. Hammer in the nails until they are securely in the wood and at least an inch is sticking out. Wrap the string around the nails in the pattern you’d like. You’ll want to have the string securely looped around the nail. Continue to string the yarn around the nails until you have a design that pleases you, and you will have your easy and visually stunning piece of artwork.


String is extremely versatile and can create a variety of designs. Some ideas include creating specific shapes, such as silhouettes of bicycles, hearts, and more. If you’re extremely talented, you could create optical illusions. Other ideas include making a design of your home state with a heart over where your hometown is, making a design of your initials, or creating words, such as your name or a phrase. Have fun and be creative.