This Book Is Legend


Kelleigh Hogan

“Legend” is available at the Scholastic Book Fair, running from May 12 to May 15. Marie Lu published this novel in 2011.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

June Iparis, the prodigy of the Republic, has a target, and this one is personal. Although she is the only person known to have a perfect score on the mandatory testing, her antics are just as notorious in the school system. What seemed like a normal day ended with her sole guardian and brother Metias dead, killed by the equally notorious criminal, Day.


Day is the infamous and mysterious convict, whose one true goal is unknown to most- his family’s survival. Every crime from the small and petty thievery to the mastermind hoists has only one purpose: helping his impoverished mother and two brothers. No one can determine the identity of the outcast. However, after the death of her beloved brother and the only person she has left, June is determined to discover the identity of her brother’s murderer.

The wealthy and distinguished girl and the alleged scourge of the Republic from the slums eventually cross paths. However, what they discover about themselves, their families, and their nations is unbelievable and incredible. Although Day knows his world is far from perfect, both he and June are shocked at the secrets the Republic is hiding and how far they’ll go to hide it. Yet, what shocks them even more is how much alike they are despite everything that works to divide the two. “Legend” will leave the reader in awe and shock.

This novel is excellently and entertainingly written by Marie Lu. Lu explores various themes through these drastically different and yet surprisingly similar characters, such as the emphasis on perfection, importance of family, and commitment to morality. June prides herself on her perfection as does Day in some cases, however both have their flaws. Through the course of the novel, the two realize perfection is unattainable and refocus their efforts towards more important aspects of their lives. In addition, June and Day reevaluated the importance of their family through the loss of their loved ones. Both members struggle with morality in the compromising situations their nation put them in. The humorous characters, thrilling plot twists, and exciting dialogue will keep readers endlessly excited by the novel.

Read this legendary novel along with its following books “Champion” and “Prodigy.” The witty voices of both June and Day in the novel and enticing plot will keep readers begging for more from this New York Times bestseller series.