With the battle pass for season four of Fortnite available soon, there are many predictions of what the themes may be.

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Recently, meteors can be spotted in the sky of the Fortnite map, which cause many to believe that a dinosaur theme will be implemented for season four. A recent skin release, the “Tricera Ops”, was added to the games shop menu recently available for purchase, for 2,000 V Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency), which was announced by Epic Games as an early release skin of season four.

Another was released a few days later. This skin is called the “Leviathan,” and resembles a fish swimming inside of a fish bowl atop a metallic space suit. Although this skin has no correlation to meteors, it has a space suit, which is the current season three theme. It simply doesn’t make sense to release a skin in the last week of an entire season, which has lead many to believe it may be the starting theme for season four.

With new skin releases, Epic Games has been exposed for their “Save the World” mode for Fortnite, which is only obtainable from purchasing the mode separately. The “Save the World” game mode involves characters that team up to outrun a storm, and fight zombie-like creatures along the way. Inside of this “Save the World” game mode, a new map has been discovered inside of the game files, which resembles a desert biome with tumbleweeds as replacement for the classical Fortnite bush we all know and love to put in our memes. Fortnite players who are only involved in the Battle Royale game mode have some conspiracy theories about the map being added to Battle Royale, since the original map was stolen from Save the World.

With a possibility of a map being added, there is a possibility that a part of the current map may be destroyed. “Tilted Towers,” the most populous part of the current Battle Royale map, is rumored to be hit with a meteor, the same ones that can be spotted in the sky during a game. Early this morning, Epic Games released this image out to the world, from their website.

This image shows a masked figure in the glare of what appears to be a meteor, which just adds support to the Dinosaur theme and Titled Towers. There is no leaks on who the masked figure in the picture may be, but there is a high possibility of him being one of the main characters of Fortnite Season Four.

Fortnite has done a very good job at throwing off its player base for what season four’s theme will be. They have released a dinosaur skin, an aquatic skin, and even a new map. Meteors can be seen in the sky of the current world, and just when the player base thinks they are on to something, they release an image that shows no correspondence to any of the predictions to the themes. This is one of the main reasons Fortnite continues to stay the current number one game in the world.