Radiant Orchid, the Color of 2014


Photo courtesy of Pantone.com

Anja Asato, Editor In Chief

Pantone has released the color of 2014, and it is out with Emerald and in with Radiant Orchid. This medium purple color with pink and magenta undertones is supposed to symbolize confidence and imagination and is associated with joy, love, and health.

Get in the spirit of 2014 by adding some touches of the purple hue to outfits. Personally, I don’t think I’ll incorporate this color into my wardrobe much until the spring, but I’m happy the color is more cheery than the dark green of last year.

Below are some ideas of how to add Radiant Orchid to your fashion basics. I can’t wait to get some nail polish in the color – it will be a perfect accent throughout 2014, no matter the season.

Radiant Orchid