The strangest combination


Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

There’s a restaurant far, far away in downtown Phoenix called Lo-Lo’s.  And it is amazing.

My parents had attended a Christmas party catered by Lo-Lo’s, bringing home tidings of comfort, joy, and fried chicken and waffles.  I was disgusted.  Fried chicken and waffles?  Nope, not happening with me.

But my mother was sure that once I had just tasted this unholy alliance, I was sure to have a change of heart.  And though I hate to admit, she was absolutely right.

Our adventure started out as a short wait for a table.  And then another wait for the food.  But, boy, was it worth it.  As for me, I ordered the Betty Boop, which included one chicken breast and one waffle.  I was skeptical at first, but so hungry that I dived right in.  The syrup, chicken, and the buttery waffle was truly glorious.  Right now, it’s making my mouth water.

So, the food was delicious, but was the atmosphere as satisfactory?  In my opinion, not really.  I prefer a dining experience that isn’t blasting a Blurred Lines remix so loudly that I couldn’t hear the person next to me.  But the staff was friendly, the interior engaging, and the food did make up for all of my issues.

I know that while reading this, you are probably thinking that I’ve lost my mind.  Fried chicken and waffles? will enter your mind like it had in mine, but trust me when I say that you can and will be reformed.  I, for one, will go back to Lo-Lo’s with no complaint, no arguments, and no tears.  When I go, I will be joyful.