April Fools!


A fun prank to pull by using toothpaste to substitute frosting in an oreo. Anyone can try this on a family member.

Hannah McGerty, Columnist

It was recently April Fool’s Day. It was a time to pull fun pranks and jokes on your friends and family. Some classic pranks include the usual short-sheeting someone’s bed, placing a whoopee cushion on someone’s chair, or putting a fake bug on their pillow. These pranks can be fun for everyone, but some people tend to take the jokes a little too far.

I love the idea of having April Fool’s Day as a fantastic day filled with jokes, pranks, and laughter. Having a special day just for pulling pranks on people and having it be socially acceptable is something I admire. I, however, do not admire when someone gets hurt by a prank being pulled on them. It’s a time to have a good laugh, not a time to hurt people. April Fool’s Day may seem like it shouldn’t be an actual day and just something people make up, like opposite day, but are a lot of positives about April Fools, such as making people laugh, and seeing their expression when they get ‘punked’. There shouldn’t be any other reason to have this day except for the fact that it gives people the opportunity to play a harmless prank on their friend and have a good time in the process.

I understand that not everyone appreciates April Fool’s, but it annoys me when someone is overly pessimistic about the day. If you have a problem with something that makes other people laugh and feel joy, get over it. Don’t ruin it for everyone just because you don’t like the idea of a day dedicated to pranks. Whenever someone takes a joke too far thinking its all fun in games, there is a fine line between being funny and being hurtful.

One place that is not acceptable for pranks is school, which I don’t really understand. I get that a classroom is for learning and not for jokes, but what could one small joke on one single day do? It’s fine for a teacher and/or student to pull a practical joke on April Fools, as long as it is nothing too extreme; just something simple and small to get a good laugh out of.

Although I would not call April Fool’s a holiday, I do think that it is something that everyone should celebrate and participate in, as a way to show that fun can be had with jokes and pranks without hurting someone.