DIY Patterned High Waisted Shorts (No-Sew!)


Natori Cruz, Editor

With summer approaching, there’s no better way to get in the spirit than by making your own comfy yet cute shorts. A designer pair of shorts can usually cost around $50, but making these DIY shorts will only cost $8 to $12, and with a little work will look just as good. Only a few materials are needed to take these shorts from drab to fab.



  • High waisted denim jeans (regular jeans would do just fine)

  • 9×12 inch fabric

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue

  • Marker

What you’ll need first are the basics; scissors, and fabric glue. Fabric glue can be purchased at any craft store, as well as the fabric. Here I chose to use plaid but they’re your shorts; customize the design how ever you want. 100% cotton fabric is recommended so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged in the wash.The actual jeanes can be purchased at Savers or Goodwill for $3-5.


1. Fold the pants in half and cut them to the size you’re comfortable with.

2. Make slits where you want it to be frayed. (you do this by folding one piece of the jeans and cut a small horizontal slit, then cut both ways.

3. Put them in the wash on regular. Then air dry or put them into the dryer. When you take the shorts out, they should now be frayed at the bottom and also around the slits.

4. Now for the fabric. Place the fabric over the shorts to measure the shape of the jeans the fabric needs to be glued to. Leave enough fabric for a 1-2 centimeter hem, so that the edges of your fabric don’t fray.

5. Fold over the fabric edges to the marked area. Glue them together.

6. Lastly, glue the folded fabric to the shorts.

7. There you have it! Summer-time shorts that don’t require a lot of time or money. Try out different styles and show off your custom-made shorts.