The Wonders of the Caribbean

Lush green trees by a river. Located in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Hannah McGerty, Columnist

When most people think of the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is crystal clear water, white sand beaches and clear skies. But there is more to the beautiful islands than just warm weather and palm trees.

To look outside and see 100% of just natural, green nature is something that should not be taken for granted. The Caribbean islands have breathtaking views and the lush foliage and unique species of flowers, plants and animals are one of the many reasons that the islands are a unique sight to see. Especially for someone that lives in a place consumed in skyscrapers and fast food chains like most of America. There are still grocery stores, schools and buildings, just not nearly as much as the rest of North America.

Bright colors cover almost every inch of the Caribbean islands, and even the local animals have a variety of hues. A perfect example of this is the male iguana, which turns its skin orange every fall in order to attract a mate. There are also bats who look like butterflies and form themselves into a line to make them seem like a dangerous snake to predators. One of the most loved animals is the coati, which is a cross between a small bear and a racoon. These critters roam around everywhere traveling in groups of up to 20. Like most animals that live in the rain forest, they seem cute with their fuzzy fur and eyes, but their teeth and claws could penetrate skin in seconds.

Everyone should experience the wonders of the Caribbean for themselves.

The real beauty of the Caribbean cannot be captured by a camera lens, no matter how hard someone tries. Whether they are a tourist or even a professional photographer, mother nature cannot be fully taken in from behind an electronic screen.