Ways To Stay Cool


Photo courtesy of Daisy Valentin

The heat can get dangerous. Stay aware, but most importantly, stay cool.

Serge Hattasch, Columnist

When you go outside during summer, the sun will be beating down on you and you will feel the rays hitting your skin. Here are some ways to keep yourself cool during the summer break.

  1. Drinking cold drinks is a way to keep yourself really cool so that you would be hot. Having cold drinks will help your body temperature stay low.
  2. Eating cold food from a refrigerator is another way to keep yourself cool over the break.
  3. Drinking cold water on a long walk is another way to stay cool during the break because it gets really hot when it is noon each day.
  4. You must bring a cold ice pack from the freezer when you are on the walk around noon because you can get really hot.
  5. You must have a fan on you or next to you when you go outside into the sun so that you can cool off.
  6. When you get back from a hot walk you can go into a bathroom and take a cold shower to cool yourself off.
  7. Bring a wet towel with your because you can wipe your face off when you are done walking or jogging.

While there are many other ways to stay cool during the heat, I find these to be the best at doing their job. Be sure to stay safe and keep cool this summer!