Five Secrets To Four-Eyed Beauty


Photo Courtesy of Alexa Geidel

Embrace your lenses and learn how to cater your eye makeup to your accesories. It’s all about making your eyes pop.

Alexa Geidel, Editor-In-Chief

Don’t hide behind your glasses – make the most of the accessory you’ve been given with these essential four-eyed beauty secrets!

1. Pow(d)er Lashes: Dab some baby powder on the bridge of your nose. Make sure the formula is pure cornstarch to ensure you’re putting only the best on your skin. The powder will turn translucent as you rub it in but be weary of wiping your hands on dark fabrics. Baby powder absorbs sweat and mattifies skin without clogging pores so your glasses won’t slip around and you won’t break out.

2. Up & Away: When applying eyeliner, make sure you flick the tip up and away from your lower lashline. Instead of drawing your cateye straight out, give it a dramatic wing. This will provide the illusion of less droopy lids and more open eyes.

3. Just In Crease: If you only have approximately 2.64 seconds to do your makeup before school, look no further than your favorite eyeshadow. Grab your brush and apply the color only along the crease of your eyelid. This will add depth to your face – like contouring for your cheeks – for a quarter-of-the-time smokey-eye look.

4. Highlighter: Everyone knows the trick of putting white eyeliner in your tear-ducts to make your eyes look bigger, but it’s time to step it up a notch. Opt for golds and light pinks in a glittery formula instead of some washed-out white. Forget about keeping it all together – bring the color down beside your nose, following the natural lines of your face. Extend the shimmer all the way down to where the bottom of your eye-glass frames would hit. The synthesis of the glitter into the glass is a light-catching upgrade.

5. Curly Girly: Finally, blast your eyelash curler with a hair dryer on medium heat. Be careful and only hold it under the heat for about 20 seconds. If you have a metal lash curler, make sure not to burn the sensitive skin around your eye with the curler. If you have a plastic one, make sure you don’t distort the took by cranking up the heat too high. Either way, the quick burst of heat lets your tool act like a curling iron for your hair. Curling your lashes not only makes you look more alert, it also guarantees your lashes won’t bump into your lenses all day.