Darn Good Yarn Supports a Darn Good Cause

Online yarn store supports unemployed women in India and Nepal by giving them work while reducing child labor.


Handwoven yarn, created by women of all ages in India and Nepal, ensures that people can stay in work and that none of the revenue goes to child working facilities. Darn Good Yarn has managed to create an exemplary product while also doing good in the world. Photo courtesy of Addy Bennett, © 2014.

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

If you spend some time with me, you’ll figure out that I’m pretty big on crocheting.  If you spend some more time with me, you’ll find that I happen to enjoy online shopping.  And then if you spend even more time with me, you’ll know that I support women’s rights as well as children’s safety and freedom.

Then, one glorious day, I found the company that embodied all of these things in one delicious package of brightly colored yarn.

One could say that surfing the web is a hobby of mine, and in one of my searches for the “best yarn ever,” I came across one skein of electric blue yarn, speckled with reds and greens.  As a crocheter, it looked absolutely amazing.  I bought it soon enough from a store called (as you might’ve guessed)Darn Good Yarn.

I waited not long at all for my package to be delivered, but to an impatient teenager, the number of days seemed to drag on and on.  The website states that their orders will be shipped off within 48 hours, and they did hold true to that, for which buyers like me can be thankful.

When I ripped open the plastic, not only did I grab a tissue-paper-wrapped bundle, but also two papers, one which was addressed with my name, handwritten with a blue pen.  I appreciated the personalization, as well as the content of the letter.

It was then that I was informed how my purchase was benefiting unemployed women in India, where it is harder for them to find a job because of their femininity.  Not only does the company provide work, it also reduces child labor by not contributing any money to the practice, as they are not receiving yarn from child-employing companies.

It made my day to see that I was putting my money towards a cause that I love.  While the yarn was quite expensive for the amount the skein contained, it made it completely worth the cost.

Darn Good Yarn has so far provided quality yarn as well as true consideration for their customers, who come from all over the world.  They take special measures in order to ship at the lowest price, as I found out by looking at their note to Australian consumers (found on their website).  A multistep process ensures that the shipping rates are lowered so that the Australians can get a fair price.

Moving on to the yarn, though.  An exotic material called banana fiber is handspun by women in India and Nepal and it creates a surprisingly soft product that is easy to work with and full of character.  The colors are absolutely exceptional, and everything is as promised when I first clicked on the link to the website.

I will treasure Darn Good Yarn as a wonderful project that creates quality items. I can certainly say that I will be returning again and again and again for some more color to add to my life.