College Knowledge: Oberlin College

Do the arts and sciences or the study of music appeal to you? If so, consider looking into Oberlin College, a smaller private school with a rural location with a very friendly atmosphere.


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Moran

Many of the buildings on OC campus follow a similar architectural style as this building, which happens to be the OC Office of Disability Services.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

Towering green trees, diverse architectural buildings, welcoming communities- sound like something you would be interested in? If so, you should think about attending Oberlin College in Ohio.

Oberlin College (OC) is a smaller school, populating around 3,000 students. It is a Division Three school with a somewhat rural location, with the closest major city (Cleveland) being about a 40 minute drive away. The majority, if not the entirety of the student body, lives on campus in dorms or in student housing.

The school is mainly split into two parts: the College of Arts and Science and the Conservatory of Music. At a glance, studying the arts and science offers 47 majors surrounding natural sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts education in the humanities. The Conservatory of Music offers eight majors and private studies available in 20 areas of music. However, if these topics aren’t exactly what you wish to pursue in your careers after college, don’t fret! The school is very accepting of all interests and allows you to take your time to decide exactly what you want to study.

Although there is no greek life at the school, there are still various social events that the students take part in. Some of these include sports games, concerts, parties, and even midnight performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So if this school seems like the place for you, stop on by and give Oberlin College a try!