Which Sparkling Water Shines?

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

In 1767, English chemist Joseph Priestley accidentally infused water with carbon dioxide. Since then, “sparkling water,” now widely considered a delicacy, has been introduced throughout the world. Many water brands have branched off, such as Refreshe, Perrier, LaCroix, and San Pellegrino.

My family members became sparkling water enthusiasts after a series of events. While my dad was hiking, he passed out and rolled down a mountain, earning him a spot at the Banner Health hospital. Unable to drink anything but water, and keeping a strict diet to train for his upcoming mountain bike race, he turned to sparkling water as a more flavorful and exotic alternative to plain water. Our family occasionally had sparkling water before, but our love for it was never as intense as it is now.

Though all sparkling water is good, it doesn’t all taste the same. The best comparison in flavor between these drinks is lime flavor, as it seems to vary the most between all waters. Personally, I believe Refreshe produces the best line of flavored sparkling water, while Perrier is the best unflavored sparkling water. However, not everyone agrees.

The Horizon Sun: What is your favorite brand of sparkling water and why?

Ella Mackenzie, freshman: LaCroix and Bubly are both good. I like them because they taste different from other sparkling water brands, and to me taste the best, no matter the flavor.

Noah Kahsay, freshman: I don’t really care about the brands; all sparkling water tastes good to me in their own ways. I do like Bubly however, for the commercials.

Mariano Sorrentino, freshman: I like Refreshe because it’s fancy looking, and has a taste that no other sparkling water brand has.

There isn’t one true best sparkling water, as opinionated as some may be. A majority of people may prefer one brand over the other; that doesn’t make the other brand bad. Taste preference is what decides what sparkling water you drink. In the end, it’s all just fizzy water.