Santa’s Shoeboxes


Evelyn Giggles

With nothing but a shoebox, you can help a child in need of a Christmas gift.

Kalyn McLeod, Managing Editor

The holidays are coming up fast, and everyone is getting excited about the holiday cheer. But there are many people who have nothing to be excited about. Whether it is because they are refugees, or just living in poor conditions, lots of kids get nothing this season. Luckily, there is an organization out there to help.

Operation Christmas Child is a Christian organization (you don’t have to be Christian to get involved) that sends shoeboxes full of goodies and necessities to these kids. Anyone can make a box, and it is a great project for a family or group of friends. There are also several groups that host “get-togethers” to pack these boxes and ship them out, meaning any student looking for volunteer hours can get some easily. 

To create a shoebox, find out where to ship, and get a list of requirements for each box, Samaritan’s Purse has a section of their website devoted to explaining the steps.  Enjoy your happy holidays filled with fun, family, and friends, knowing that you made someone else’s season with your gift.