Is Football Too Dangerous for High Schoolers?

High school football players emerging onto the field.

Dave Wilson

High school football players emerging onto the field.

Nessah Wendt, Columnist

While many high schoolers love sitting back and watching their favorite team crush their opponents during a game, football can be extremely damaging to its participants. Football is a beloved sport in America, especially for high schoolers. Football is a key factor to the high school experience, but can also be super dangerous, possibly leaving lifelong effects on the players.

According to At Your Own Risk, about 90% of high school athletes reported sustaining a sports-related injury. Sadly, 50% of these athletes continue playing sports while injured. To help prevent these injuries, Rothman Orthopaedics says that “prevention is always preferable to treatment.” To do that, you can wear the proper gear, stay in shape year round, avoid overtraining, stay hydrated, and use proper form. Even with ways to prevent them, high school football is still extremely dangerous. says that there are four injuries to every 1,000 contact exposures in high school football, every year.

Although it is a dangerous sport, playing football in high school can still help you later in life, especially if you want to play professionally. High school football also provides health benefits, both physically and mentally, such as discipline, teamwork skills, a strong work ethic, physical and mental toughness, and lifelong friendships.