How to Make a Font Using Calligraphr

Calligraphr is a website that makes it very easy to turn your handwriting into a font within a few minutes.


Jolie Flack

Using Calligraphr, you can create a custom font in minutes.

Jolie Flack, Columnist


  1. First, open the website Calligraphr and create an account. 
  2. Click “Create a Template” and then click “Minimal English.”
  3. Add any characters that you would want, like numbers, punctuation, and currency.
  4. Download the template and save it as a PDF, then print it out.
  5. Fill it out and scan it using your phone or printer.
  6. Go back to Calligraphr and then click “Upload Template” on the “My Fonts” page.
  7. Choose the file of your handwritten font and then click “Upload Template.”
  8. Once it looks good, you can click the ttf file.
  9. It will download as a ttf and show up on the bottom left corner. Click it and install it.
  10. Now you have your very own font. It works on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Photoshop.