What I’m Grateful For

2020 has been one of the most difficult years for everyone, but with Thanksgiving coming up it’s important to remember the things we appreciate.

Sophia Geisler, Columnist

Most people will always say that they’re grateful for their family and friends. Although I’m more than grateful to have people around me that are able to, of course, financially support me, and also emotionally support me, the thing I’m grateful for is the opportunity to fully live the human experience.

Although life can be hard sometimes, something that’s always stuck with me was the fact that I’m able to do a variety of things. I’ll start off by saying that I’m able to see. Some people have to live their lives without sight. Those people are so strong to be able to live with that kind of disability. Although my eyesight isn’t the best and I have to wear glasses, I’m able to see. I get to watch sunsets, I get to watch TV, I get to see the people I love, I’m able to see the prettiest views. Another thing I’m grateful for is the ability to hear. Some people go through life deaf, unable to hear things. I’m extremely grateful that I get to listen to my favorite music and I get to hear the voices of my favorite people. I’m also grateful for the ability to feel. So often people look over the fact that we’re humans, not machines. We feel. We get sad and we cry, we get mad and we yell, we get happy and smile, etc. I’m grateful for the ability to feel emotions, and experience the rollercoaster that is life. And with that, I get to experience it to the fullest. I’m also grateful that I get to experience it with the people I love, like my mom and dad, who continue to support me financially and emotionally, and always leave an open line for communication. Also, my brothers Felix and Dominic who are always making me proud even if they’re annoying half the time. I love being able to be their older sister. Then there’s my friend group; although we all go to different schools and live very different lives, they mean so much to me. They’re my platonic soulmates, and I consider them family.

Something people miss a lot is that the human experience really is beautiful. Life can get hard, sad, stressful, etc. sometimes, but the thing I’m most grateful for is that I get to fully experience it. I get to cry, listen to my favorite songs, taste my favorite foods, smile, laugh until my ribs hurt, hug, and more. I’m grateful for the ability to live.