Types of Fire



There are many different types of fire, each one with a different fuel and method of putting out.

Ty Larsen, Columnist

These are the types of fires, their fuel, and the process to put them out. 

The first class of fire is solid fire. The fuel for this class of fire consists of paper, cardboard, and wood. This fire class is the most common one; for example, when you see a house burning, that is a solid fire. The easiest way to put it out is with water. The second class of fire is liquid fire. The fuel for this type is things like cleaning fluids, solvents, fuels, inks, adhesives and paints. These fires are more dangerous but more rare. The process to put this type of fire out is first find where it’s coming from and cut the supply, then you can get a fire blanket and cover it. The third class of fire is a gas fire. This can start from natural gases or other types of gases forming a flammable or explosive atmosphere. The strategy to extinguish this fire is to cut the gas supply and cover it with something to get rid of oxygen, then put baking soda on it until it goes away. The fourth type of fire is metal fire This type of fire is made from metals and the metal acts as fuel and could conduct fires. The method to put out this fire is to get a powder extinguisher and cover the flames, but you do not want to put water on it or it will get bigger and boost it. The sixth fire class is an electrical fire, this type of fire will ignite and start other fires. To put it out, first do not pour water on it, as that will cause it to get bigger. Instead, according to HASpod, things you can use are a carbon dioxide extinguisher or dry powder.

All in all, those are the types of fire and the methods to put them out.