Mac Rules, Windows Aesthetically Drools

The debate about if Mac or Windows is better has been around for years, if not, decades. From an aesthetic and user interface perspective, Mac clearly takes the win.


Noah Thompson

One of the many simple yet beautiful Mac backgrounds, one of many features which puts them aesthetically ahead of Windows.

Noah Thompson, Columnist

When Apple was in its youth, and when Steve Jobs was the CEO, he made it clear that Macs were intended for personal use, and therefore, looks came before functionality. This is what set Apple apart from other computer manufacturers. Apple has kept this principle as a major contributor to their product designs to this day.

The most obvious difference between Mac and Windows at first glance is the design of the desktop. Mac’s design consists of slick, modern windows and an unobtrusive, customizable taskbar. You can even configure the taskbar to disappear when your mouse is not near it. Also, Mac’s built-in desktop backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Windows, on the other hand, has hard, harsh edges. The Windows style has a more industrial feel, which is fitting since it was originally designed for business. 

According to CreateApe, accessibility, data visualization, emotion, empathy, personas, and storytelling are some of the most important things that people who design graphical user interfaces (GUI) keep in mind. Mac meets all the criteria. Mac is very accessible and easy to navigate. They clearly visualize your data using graphs for things like your storage. It conveys emotion with all the different colors and designs. It has empathy because it is easy to use so it has more tolerance for human error. It has a persona as it has very soft, slick, and modern qualities in the design of the Mac GUI. Mac has storytelling because for every update they have natural wonder for the background of the password screen. For example, for MacOS Catalina, there was a picture of the Catalina islands, and for MacOS Mojave, there was a picture of the Mojave desert.

In conclusion, Macs are clearly more aesthetic than Windows because of their superior and beautiful GUI, stunning built-in backgrounds, and the massive attention to detail that Apple put into designing their Macs.