Which Dog Breeds Go With Which People

There are many different types of dogs, and many different types of people, but who fits best with who?


Abbi Prieto

It can be important to find a dog which matches your personality and lifestyle.

Abbi Prieto, Columnist

Many people want a dog, but some dogs are not the right fit for their owner. They could have too much energy, be too big, or have another unwanted trait. This guide can help you pick the right type of dog for you.

Family Dogs


It can be a labrador retriever, or a golden retriever, but both have developed a reputation for being loving, loyal, and energetic. They are great for calming you down as well as keeping you active. If there is one downside to them, it is their shedding. Breeds such as the golden retriever shed a lot. Retrievers are also considered a large breed, so it can be difficult to do things like travel with them because of all the space they take up. Aside from that, labradors are great family dogs.


Like the retrievers, there are many different breeds of collies. They are known to be loving and good-natured, and hardly misbehave. They are also easy to train. However they have the same downsides as retrievers, with their size and shedding. Despite this, they are loving and will keep your family company. 


Aside from being plain adorable with their big eyes, they are great for a family. They do require fur maintenance though, but they will keep you active. They can keep kids busy playing outside with them, and will keep them company. In all, they are perfect for a family.

Apartment Dogs

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is considered a small breed, which means they can live in an apartment. They do have a lot of energy when they are young, but they get calmer as they grow. They may be small, but they are great for a person in a small home.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are small but feisty. They have some attitude, and require maintenance for their fur. They also have a lot of energy and need to be taken out often. But their size has many advantages, such as being easy to carry, easy to take around, and great for apartment living.

Welsh Corgi

These dogs are considered medium dogs, but are still small. There are two different types of corgi, a cardigan and a pembroke. They are both very energetic and friendly dogs. However they do shed a lot, and they need to be walked every day. They can be protective at times, but they will always love you.

Dogs Who Go Well With Cats

Golden Retrievers 

Golden retrievers are known to be loving dogs, not fighting dogs. They can get along with almost anyone, including cats.


Pugs love attention, and won’t mind having someone else live with them. As long as the cat is good with sharing, they can get along well.


Poodles typically won’t mind having a cat around. This can stand for all three sizes of the poodle. Poodles are devoted to their owner, and will probably ignore the cat anyway.

Dogs For People With Allergies 

American Hairless Terrier

As their name suggests, they are hairless, which makes them great pets for someone who is allergic to fur. They are energetic dogs, but a backyard or a park will satisfy them.


This dog’s long fur does not shed, and won’t get one the furniture or air. Their fur does need to be brushed often though. Aside from that, these loving energetic dogs will go well with someone who is allergic.

Bichon Frise 

These lovable fur balls curly white fur will not shed. They will need to be brushed, but they are  overall great dogs.


There are multiple options for these dogs, such as labradoodles, or goldendoodles. Their fur will not shed. They are friendly and enthusiastic, and are great pets.

There are many dogs that are not on this list that would make great pets as well. Also keep in mind that although a dog is in a certain category, each dog has their own personality. They might be different from others in their breed, but they can still make great pets. There is a dog out there for everyone, which is why they are one of the best pets to have.