“Greenglass House”

“Greenglass House” is an Edgar Award-winning mystery book with some amazing twists and turns.



The cover of “Greenglass House.”

Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist

Milo Pine is thrown into a mysterious situation when five guests turn up at his family’s inn. All of the guests have items that have been stolen by someone in the inn. With his friend Meddy, the cook’s daughter, the two find secrets and hear stories about the strange history of the Greenglass House and the famous thief it was owned by. This novel is an amazing story, told perfectly by author Kate Milford.

Milo Pine is a 12-year-old boy who lives in an inn with his parents. Although most of the customers who come there are smugglers and thieves, the Pine family doesn’t care; most of the smugglers keep to themselves, and others are even friendly.

Milo was adopted from China when he was an infant. This doesn’t bother him at all, but the stares he gets when people realize he was adopted do. Milo tries to find ways to keep in touch with his ancestry and has his room decorated with Chinese lanterns and maps of the world to prove it.

Milo starts to enjoy his first week of winter vacation when the old iron bell rings, signaling that a guest is coming. Milo was surprised – and rather offended –  that this happened so early during vacation. Usually, the guests would show up after he first had a few days of peaceful time to spend with his parents. But his surprise turned to shock when soon it was five guests who appeared on that icy day. And what’s worse, they all were very secretive and visibly bothered by each other. Milo met Meddy, the cook’s daughter, who had taken a very sudden interest in him. After lots of conversations and arguments, Meddy proposed that they play a game together. A game called Odd Trails, which was all about using your imagination. In the game, Milo was a ninja called Negret and Meddy was his invisible helper. He wouldn’t realize until later how invisible his new friend actually was.

When guest items suddenly go missing, old rivalries spark up, and strange stories about ghosts are exchanged by the fireplace, Milo and Meddy make it their mission to find out who is stealing these items and what their true purpose at this smuggler’s inn really is. And while they do that, Milo will discover more history about his Greenglass home than he ever knew before.

This mystery book will keep you on your toes throughout the whole story. Join Milo and Meddy on their dangerous adventure through their own house. Filled with tales about thieves, ghosts, and ancient maps, you will never regret reading this New York Times Bestseller.