Political Debates in America


Luis Quintanilla

Our generation of youth does not seem to care for politics. We perceive politicians as lost leaders and greedy children. They pout and throw a fit resembling an adolescent; resulting in our generation to ban them from our society. It is because politicians have raged over the simplest solutions, and turned them into the most complex conclusions. Little do they know, arguing about issues and disputes between both parties’ leads nowhere—unless they all stop regurgitating their arguments and admit to act upon their words for this country.

        Politicians have always favored money as a prize for their speaking. They choose not to give out change from their over-sized pockets to the people; instead they bank it and recycle it for toilet paper. Representatives make a mockery of America and disrespect the motto’ of the Constitution. The solution is simple. Primarily, it is the payment of the politicians. They should be measured by their contributions to society.

However, what happens when you remove monetary compensation from the equation? You receive a political leader who places the people first, and gives the youth an emulation of what to become for America. Afterwards, the youth should be given a chance to place their opinion on this matter, to send their view or belief to a chosen Representative and open their eyes to what is becoming of America’s future. Because occasionally it takes the morals of the youth to realize the most simplistic solutions, since adults seem to over-analyze everything that lands on their breakfast plate.