Up the Down Escalator

Anthony Airdo, Columnist

People tell me my happiness is surprising all the time. How could I be so happy when everything else blows? What’s my secret? I try to stay satisfied.

People will never have satisfaction. As a whole, the human race will never be completely satisfied with its situation. To become content is to be a failure. We aren’t allowed to be satisfied. We are always pushed and pressured to strive for the impossible, and achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams. I believe this creates a recipe for self destructive feelings and pressure beyond healthy amounts.

The key is balance. It’s okay to want more, but don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Too many people focus on the A they could’ve received on a test instead of being happy with the B they managed. Be happy about that B! You worked hard to get it. For example, sometimes I’ll get frustrated because my car needs a new windshield and shock absorbers. But then I think “Oh my gosh! I have car! That’s awesome!” And then I’m happy about it. Appreciating what you have will keep your ambitions in check, and you’ll be less stressed overall. Balance your satisfaction and your aspirations. That’s how you stay happy.