Job Discrimination


Kelleigh Hogan

José Andrés Girón showcases his work in several museums, yet he and fellow artists are often underappreciated in the world. The Phoenix Vintage Series exhibition was displayed in Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

In American society, our judgement of success is usually based on careers. Rarely do we identify success among the struggling or successful artists, journalists, authors, and others in the creative part of society. Instead, we congratulate the doctors, the lawyers, and the engineers of our workforce. There is value in creative professions.


Perhaps I am alone in this world, but I believe these cultural jobs are an important aspect of our society. I appreciate the fact that those in science and technology, politics, and education have advanced our world to the current state it is. Artists have helped society in ways that many don’t recognize.


If not for art, our world would be dramatically different than it is today. Art unites citizens in a culture, influences our views in the world, and informs us. Art has connected cultures for centuries. There is pride in a country in the art created and styles in society. The themes and customs seen in art are often viewed in the culture as a whole. The Italians take pride in the art of Leonardo da Vinci, the United States in Andy Warhol, and French in Claude Monet. The views expressed in a piece of art unites those of similar mindsets.

As one of the journalism world, I realize the importance of journalism. Journalists have the ability to inform the world, shape the views of people, and highlight significant issues. We are able to tell people what is occurring in their community, state, and world. Journalists are able to tell about the new politicians and their views, the conflicts around us, and caution of us crucial issues. In articles about student opinion, we highlight issues such as the degrading educational system, increase of technology, and other issues of personal opinion. In addition, we influence people’s views on the issues important to us and the world. People should realize the importance of not only journalism but other forms of art as well.

In addition, art can enhance our lives with paintings that capture our eye, music that engrosses us in every note, and stories that trap our imagination. Maybe you couldn’t understand unless you have been unable to put down a novel, inspired by the paintings you have seen, and felt the range of emotions from motivation to sadness of music. The lawyers and doctors of our workforce may not understand what art has done for people such as myself.

Instead of discriminating against the artists and authors of society, perhaps we should congratulate them on uniting us, influencing our world, and enriching our lives with paintings, music, and stories.