Disney Ruling the World

As Disney progresses, so does its thirst for power. It owns many companies such as Marvel, Star Wars, and more, but they recently bought 20th Century Fox, which could have some interesting effects in the movie industry.

Brandon Bybee, Columnist

On Dec. 14, 2017, Walt Disney Studios bought the company 20th Century Fox. This was a surprise to most, but it may not have been a big shock to all fans of Disney. Disney is a powerhouse when it comes to movies, from web-swinging superheros to lightsaber-wielding Jedis. Without all the companies Disney owns, it wouldn’t be nearly as successful. With the new deal, people are wondering what movies and merchandise are to come in future years.

Since Disney owns Marvel, they use characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, and other famous favorites. 20th Century Fox has the rights to franchises such as Deadpool, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. Now that Marvel and Fox are connected through Disney, these superheroes will be able to cross in movies. Marvel has already announced an “X-Men Vs. Avengers” movie, dated for 2020. Many people are also predicting a Deadpool and Spiderman crossover movie, although it hasn’t officially been announced by Marvel.

Netflix might also be affected by this Disney and Fox deal. Many of Netflix’s movies come from Disney and Fox, and, according to Bloomberg, Disney will be taking off their movies from Netflix and licensing them to Hulu instead in the next few years. This means that many of the movies such as X-Men, Peanuts, Hidden Figures, and more will be taken off Netflix soon because of the deal between the companies. Hopefully, Netflix will keep progressing with original shows such as “Stranger Things.”

It’s pretty obvious that Disney is very powerful in the world today, but when it started, no one expected it to get so popular. Many people know that Disney is always growing powerful, and because of this, Congress is worried that he will become too much of a monopoly in the entertainment world. According to Awful Announcing, in the past, Congress has been concerned with the AT&T-Time Warner deal, and the same thing is happening with this deal. Comicbook/Marvel stated that many are wondering if Congress or the Justice Department will step in and try to stop the Disney-Fox deal because of violations on antitrust laws before it is too late. They are predicting that Disney and Fox will participate in unlawful behavior, leaving Congress to deal with the mess.

It seems as if Disney will continue to grow and buy more companies, becoming even stronger than they already are, which will not be an easy task. If all goes well, Fox and Disney will make some good movies in the future that will give both companies a good name and bring profit. This deal will bring to light many new possibilities that fans have been hoping for and will unite the two companies as successful partners—just hopefully not in crime.