Spirit Days

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Spirit days offer interesting ideas for students who participate by coming to school in weird and creative outfits. Students have more motivation while wearing their unique outfits to come to school and have fun with their friends.

Spirit days keep students involved. According to CengageBrain, students’ grades are more likely to improve based on how involved they are with the school. Students who have higher motivation and positive attitudes will prevail with schooling, overall have a better school day while in spirit wear.

Although spirit days seem to only attract students, the benefits expand beyond the student body. Many schools who participate in spirit days often have higher rankings and a better reputation. Parents of students who are looking for schools will choose schools who have those higher marks, rather than schools who aren’t engaged and have a lower ranking. According to SchoolDigger, Anasazi Elementary School, which is ranked 23rd in the state, and Cheyenne Traditional School, which is ranked ninth in the state, both participate and hold spirit days on somewhat of a regular basis.

According to the University of Washington, engaging students in the learning process by developing higher attention and focus will lead them to higher level critical thinking skills and result in more meaningful experiences. Most teachers who log higher engagement levels have a more successful class and achieve necessary objectives. As researchers experimented, they found a positive correlation between student performance and engagement level as those teachers that provided more engaging activities noticed higher student success rates. Furthermore, a study performed by Edutopia has shown that one of the easiest ways to exploit this phenomena is by involvement via spirit days or school rallies.

Edglossary has stated that school spirit contributes to the school’s overall environment. When other students see colleagues wearing cheerful attire, they are more encouraged to participate and have a more positive school day. A student’s positive attitude leads to them applying themselves more and therefore results in higher marks. Students at schools that demonstrate high levels of community show collectively higher grades and improve school ratings. Spirit days are a crucial part of schooling where everyone benefits.