The New Cardinals Candidates

Rosen leaves, Murray joins.

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

During the 2019 draft, Kyler Murray was first overall pick, and was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals. Following this pick, former Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Personally, I think this decision has both pros and cons. Kyler Murray is a fantastic player. After all, he was the most desired player in all of the 2019 draft. However, I still have some concerns. It’s not that Murray isn’t a good pick, but rather the fact that a defensive pick would have been better for the team. It is always good to see a new, outstanding player join our team, and I am very happy that Murray is with us. Although he is a great new addition, Josh Rosen, our previous quarterback, was a rookie. It was only his first year in the NFL and he still had a lot of room for improvement. The main reason for the Arizona Cardinals placing last in the season is the defensive line, which has historically not been strong enough to defend our quarterback.

Nonetheless, Rosen is a class act. Here is a video he posted on Twitter recapping his thanks to the time he had with Arizona, and his upcoming hopes and goals with Miami. Despite being traded to Miami for a more-liked player, Rosen offered to get Murray a deal on his previous apartment, now that Rosen is moving to Miami and Murray is going to be living here in Arizona. Rosen thanked the Cardinals for the opportunity he was given with them, and expresses his excitement to start playing for the Dolphins.

As for the Arizona Cardinals as a whole, this season is almost completely unpredictable. Second and third to Kyler Murray, Arizona drafted center back Byron Murphy and wide receiver Andy Isabella, both rookies. In terms of placement, the Cardinals have high hopes for this season, and are certain to grow this year as a team.