May the Spork be With You

Do you really need a spoon and a fork?


Wikimedia Commons

Using a spork instead of a spoon and a fork has several benefits.

Luke Tafoya, Columnist

If you’ve never heard of a spork, it is a combination of a spoon and a fork, an amazing invention that eliminates the need for two different utensils; efficient and convenient, it’s possibly the best utensil ever made by man.

Using a spork may feel very cutting edge and modern, but the idea actually goes back quite a while. The concept was invented in 1874 by Samuel Francis, according to the New York Times. The design of the spork has been ever-changing, with new ideas coming in often. It wasn’t until the mid-1900s where the spork really shot up in popularity. Being a unique-looking device, it started catching people’s eyes. By the time the twenty-first century came around, a simple but still effective design of the spork came around. The modern design makes them easily manufacturable in different materials.

When you think of a spork the first thing that probably comes to your mind is plastic sporks. Plastic sporks are common in everyday life; you might see them at fast food restaurants or at the grocery store. According to IowaStateDaily, major fast food corporations such as KFC and Taco Bell use plastic sporks as a regular utensil, and it saves them millions of dollars. For instance, on Amazon the average spork is eight dollars per 100 pack, the average spoon is seven dollars per 100 pack, and the average plastic fork is nine dollars per 100 pack. As you can see, buying forks and spoons separately would be almost twice as expensive as simply buying sporks. Plus, you only have to make one purchase instead of two!

Not only is this invention convenient, but it also provides an opportunity to reduce plastic waste. According to Forbes, each year more than 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery are thrown away, and even end up in the ocean. Although using a more sustainable material to create utensils would be the ideal option, switching to plastic sporks can undoubtedly help reduce the amount of plastic waste from utensils. If we used plastic sporks in place of conventional forks and spoons, it could substantially cut down the 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery going to waste.

One may argue that a spork cannot fit as much food into one bite, taking away from the experience of eating food. However, this is made up for by the benefit of using one utensil, rather than not having to switch between them. Using a spork also adds a new and exciting aspect to the eating experience, because it’s not everyday a person eats a meal with a spork.

The spork is an awesome tool to add to your kitchen, and an overall great invention. It certainly beats the conventional fork and spoon, while being a more convenient and cheaper option. At your next gathering, try giving sporks a try and experience the satisfaction and sustainability they offer!