Disney’s Frozen Warms the Heart


The logo for the new Disney movie. With a box office gross of $93 million, it has proved its quality. Photo courtesy of disneyprincess.wikia.com.

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

Disney has created a masterpiece,  a pure and simple masterpiece.  This movie has defeated almost every cliche, features gorgeous animation, a great story, a perfect villain, strong characters, magnificent music, plenty of humor, and (best of all) romance.

Anna and Elsa are the princesses of Arendelle and their relationship is so marvelously broken.  You can tell that they love each other, but they can’t get along for an extended period of time.  And that all has to do with the fact that Elsa (the older sister) has powers.  She was born with the ability to create ice and snow, and fears that it will destroy someone after a childhood accident involving Anna.  When Elsa breaks down at her coronation, she runs away to be free from her pains.  Unbeknownst to her, she has accidentally set off an eternal winter that only she can stop.

It will, in some small way, surprise you.  For me, it was that Olaf the snowman was a good character.  The advertising for this movie has been for the most part less than satisfactory.  These disappointing trailers mostly featured Olaf.  Being the biased person that I am, throughout the movie I struggled not to like this lovable little guy.  But by the end I was completely won over.  He is hilarious.

I was and still am impressed with the animation.  Some people were upset that Anna and Elsa looked so similar to Rapunzel from “Tangled,” another Disney film, and I was among them.  However, their actual character traits overrule that completely.  But there are freckles.  Which is beautiful.  Anna wears an off-the-shoulder dress near the beginning of the film, and her shoulders have freckles, because that is realistic.  Since it’s mostly cold in this movie, the Disney Animation Studios would have to learn how to master blood under skin.  The redness of people’s cheeks and noses (and sometimes ears) was perfect and was one of the things in this movie that I loved the most.

And let’s remember the snow.  Elsa builds herself a palace made of ice, and this is in my experience one of the best animation sequences of all time.  They way that the snow fell and the way that the ice was formed was realistic and yet magical.  The animation of this winter wonderland was so high quality that it didn’t distract from the story.  Many times a bad background can take away from what the focus is really on.

With unique characters, an epic plot, and songs that appeal to all ages, “Frozen” is sure to become a quick classic, and will remain one of my favorite movies for a long while yet.