Eagles and Hawks Grapple for Win

Horizon Honors suffered an unfortunate but close loss against Tanque Verde.

Bry Holguin, Columnist

This past Friday, on Mar. 6, Horizon Honors’ baseball team played against Tanque Verde. The game resulted at an unfortunate loss of eight to six for the Eagles.

First inning Tanque Verde brought no runs in, leaving the Eagles up to bat. First at bat was Junior Joseph Holguin, who got a single. Next up was senior Zach Downes. Holguin stole second base, followed by Downes getting a walk. Junior Chase Edwards was up, hitting the ball straight down center field, allowing Holguin to come home, Downes to advance to third base, and Edwards to go to second. With still no outs, next up was sophomore Cooper Brown. Brown hit a ground ball getting out but also allowing for Downes to come home and Edwards advancing to third. With one out, senior Bryce Pharr stepped up to the plate. Phar unfortunately struck out, but the catcher dropped the ball allowing for Edwards to come home. Another player later struck out, ending the first inning at a score of three to zero.

Second inning senior Garrett Leake caught a pop fly, leaving Tanque verde with one out. The next batter hit a ground ball straight to Brown at third base, who threw it to Downes at first, getting the player out. With two outs, Leake caught another pop fly making it three outs. Junior Connor Sorrells walked to first, followed by sophomore Spencer Brown with a solid hit down centerfield moving Sorrells to second. Next up was sophomore Jacob Johnson who hit a grounder to third, landing on first, Brown advancing to second, and Sorrells getting out at third. Holguin hit the ball getting out at first,  allowing for Brown and Johnson to each advance a base. Then Downes was up, hitting a single down right field, followed by Brown and Johnson coming home. Edwards was up, hitting a ground ball down center field, but both Edwards and Downes got out. The inning ended with the Eagles in the lead with a score of five to zero.

Third inning started off with a runner on first, followed by an out when Downes caught a hit towards first. Two players were on first and second base. The next batter landed on first, and bases were loaded. Another batter also made it to first with bases loaded, allowing for a run to come home. The following player had a solid hit, bringing all three runners in, and getting a triple. After three more runs, the boys had amazing plays. Great catches were made by Cooper Brown, Holguin, and Pharr, making it three outs. The Eagles started off with two outs, leaving Leake up to bat. Leake walked to first, and stole second, followed by another strikeout. The inning ended with a score of six to five, with Tanque in the lead.

Fourth inning started out with Cooper Brown and Downes getting a runner out on first. The next runner landed on first, followed by another out with Edwards catching a pop fly. With two outs, Spencer Brown threw the ball to Leake getting out a runner who attempted to steal second. First up to bat for the Eagles was Spencer Brown who had a solid hit down left field, getting a triple. The next batter struck out followed by Holguin getting a hit down center field, getting a single and allowing for Brown to come home. Downes was up to bat. Holguin stole second base and Downes hit a line drive to third but unfortunately was out. Next up at bat was Edwards, who hit a pop fly that got caught. The inning ended with a tie of six to six.

Fifth inning Tanque Verde brought in two runs, making the score eight to six. With the Eagles down two points, Cooper Brown was up to bat, who got a walk to first. Next up was Pharr who hit a pop fly that got caught. With two outs, Leake was up, getting a single and Brown now on second. Sorrells was up next and got out at first base, ending the fifth inning. The Eagles brought no runs in with the score at eight to six.

Sixth inning with one out, and two runners on first and second, Leake, Holguin, and Downes made a great play. Holguin caught the ball, throwing it to Leake getting a player out on second, followed by Leake throwing the ball to Downes getting the runner out on first making it three outs. The Eagles started off with two outs, followed by Holguin getting a single. The game ran out of time, ending at a score of eight to six in Tanque Verde’s favor.