Middle School Boys Face the Knights

Horizon Honors suffers an unfortunate loss against Gilbert Christian this past Monday, April 27.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

On Thursday, Horizon Honors’ middle school boys’ Basketball played against Gilbert Christian. Both teams played hard, making for an entertaining game.

Bry Holguin, Columnist

Horizon Honors’ middle school boys’ basketball B team brought back a loss against Gilbert Christian.  This was their last game of the season, and although the boys played tough, it simply wasn’t enough.

The first half started off with Gilbert Christian scoring the first two baskets, followed by eighth grader Jacob Jones shooting one in the net. Five minutes into the game, Gilbert Christian had scored nine more points. The Eagles had many close shots, none successful up until when eighth grader Alex Bellin made a free throw bringing the score to 13-3. Gilbert Christian scored two baskets and one rebound, followed by two more free throws by Jones. With only two minutes left in the half, Gilbert Christian managed to score two baskets, ending the half at 24-5.

Second half began with eighth grader Connor Chesser and seventh grader Nick McElenney getting many rebounds, but kept losing the ball. Jones also had a rebound and a close attempt of scoring a basket. Gilbert Christian scored 11 points bringing the score to 35-5. Then, Jones made a basket, followed by seventh grader Dominic Lombardi also scoring one as well. Gilbert Christian scored six more points, and the half ended with McElenney making a three-pointer.

The game ended with a score of 41-11. This was the boys’ last game, bringing their record to one win and nine losses. Although they had a tough season, the middle school boys played hard and made exciting memories. Eighth grader Cody Laflin claimed that his favorite part of the season was “Practices, because I got to spend time with the team and create a special bond with them.¨ Congratulations to the boys on completing the season!