Fandom Rant Radio


The members of Fandom Rant Radio (from left to right), Clint Alfrey, Devin Harris, Ryan Kenzler, and Jack Kenzler.

Matt Butler, Columnist

There was an idea: to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if we could become something more, so when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could. That is what Fandom Rant Radio began as–an idea, a seed planted in the minds of Horizon Honors alums Jack and Ryan Kenzler, senior Devin Harris, and Mountain Pointe senior Clint Alfrey. I had the pleasure of being there since the beginning. The excitement on their faces when these individuals talked about their podcast is always priceless. Fandom Rant Radio went through different names over time: Tatooine Times, Kessel Run Junkies, and Imperials Workers Union. The process was a long and lengthy one, but was worth it all in the end. Being able to share something that you are passionate with a mass group of people and spreading your love for certain things is almost a dream come true for the boys at Fandom Rant Radio.

Although they have only reached the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to talk about such as, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Spielberg’s “Ready Player One,” and have spent quite some time leading up to Marvel’s “Avengers Infinity War,” they are willing to go the distance and breach every entertainment possibility they can find. Through April 9 to May 7, Fandom Rant Radio is hosting Marvel Month, where their podcasts are solely dedicated to recapping the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) from Phase 1, 2, 3, and also expanding their knowledge into the realm of comics. Being able to see what goes on in the comics through listening to the podcasts helps someone wanting to get into Marvel as a whole and really hypes up “Infinity War.” All in all, there are many incredible things in the future for Fandom Rant Radio and it’s going to be one heck of a ride. I had the opportunity to interview the boys of Fandom Rant Radio and these were their responses:

The Sun: Who was the first one to plant the seed that is Fandom Rant Radio?

Devin Harris: Technically it was Jack and Ryan’s; they had the phase 1 file in their head.

Ryan Kenzler: It was Jack’s idea to make the podcast, it was all Jack; now, the name—that’s a different story.

Jack Kenzler: Originally I brought the idea to Ryan about starting a Star Wars podcast or Instagram where we could post our opinions and share our thoughts.

Clint Alfrey: It was both Ryan and Jack’s idea about starting it.


The Sun: What was the most challenging thing about getting Fandom Rant Radio started up?

DH: The most challenging thing was scheduling times because we are still trying to figure things out and it’s difficult to find times that work for everyone.

RK: Definitely figuring out what platforms we were going to go on, the content was the fun easy stuff, just figuring out which platforms to go on was the difficult part.

JK: The most challenging thing was finding the right name.

CA: There wasn’t anything really challenging about starting it up, but the only problem that we seem to run into is finding a time where all four of us are free to record an episode.


The Sun: Give me one word each that describes your guys’ chemistry.

DH: Electrifying.

RK: Spicy.

JK: Amped.

CA: Brotherly.


The Sun: What is each of your favorite things about doing Fandom Rant Radio?

DH: Getting the opportunity to talk about things we all love, and especially complain.

RK: It’s been fun getting a ton of followers and talking to all the fans, especially those we don’t know that well, and also talking to the boys.

JK: My favorite thing is being able to have intelligent and natural conversations about things I find interesting.

CA: Honestly, the podcast as a whole is my favorite thing, but if I had to pick one thing it would have to be being able to talk about all these nerdy topics and receive the feedback that we get.


The Sun: What things are you most excited about the future of Fandom Rant Radio?

DH: To make t-shirts.

RK: Blowing up for sure and also bringing Chris Pine on as a guest… hopefully.

JK: I am excited to bring on guests…

CA: Probably being able to upgrade more on equipment, going to events and expand on more topics.


The Sun: Which MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Character are each of you and why?

DH: Howard the Duck, or Iron Man. Howard the Duck because his intellectual knowledge and cool armor, and Iron Man because he quacks like no other.

RK: Miek, just kidding, honestly Korg because I never follow rules and always try starting rebellions.

JK: I would love to consider myself as Tony Stark (Ironman), but reality is I am probably more like either Peter Parker or Star Lord.

CA: Captain America.


The Sun: What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

DH:Empire Strikes Back” because I could watch that any day of my life.

RK: Either “Empire Strikes Back” or “Good Will Hunting” because it’s one of the most inspiring films of all time, it teaches us lots of life lessons, and well, Matt Damon [plays a role], and he’s my dad.

JK: Ryan’s going to hate me for this but THE LAST JEDI BABYYYYYY. Just joking around but this goes to “Good Will Hunting”—super good movie.

CA:The Dark Knight” was perfect from all aspects, from the score, to the cinematography, to the characters. Just perfect.


The Sun: Any words to your fans?

DH: Tune in…. or don’t, L.O.L.

RK: Listen to the podcast, thank you, and spread the word.

JK: Hey, hey, first just wanna say that we don’t have “fans,” we like to believe that we are a part of a really cool community of fans that love anything that inspires us. Star Wars, Marvel, Stranger Things… I could go on and one, but simply put we just like talking and learning about these things.

CA: Aye, thank you guys for listening and all your support, especially the people who listen to our podcast on the daily, and stay tuned because we got more for you guys.


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