Dream’s Horrible Apology



Dream’s channel icon.

Luke Culver, Student Opinion Editor

Popular Minecraft speedrunner Dream finally admitted to cheating during his speedruns. 

Dream is a popular speedrunner and content creator for the video game Minecraft. Back in December, the YouTuber sparked major controversy regarding the very thing that got him famous: speedrunning. Dream was caught using a Minecraft mod that changed the drop rates of ender pearls, a key item used to beat the game. The big thing that hurt viewers was that Dream kept going on about how he would never cheat because of his popularity, but that was proven wrong by Minecraft Youtuber, MinecrAvenger. MincrAvenger went through and calculated the drop rates of the pearls, and came to the conclusion that Dream was cheating. Dream kept denying the evidence and even hired his own ‘mathematician’ to help prove his point. Said mathematician even came to the conclusion that Dream did indeed cheat, however. After months of denial, Dream finally admitted to cheating.

May 31, Dream started a twitter thread explaining his situation. “People who have no idea anything about my content or me as a person or my history do too much talking! I’m a Youtuber not a ‘professional speedrunner,’ I speedrun against Muffinboyhalo & Co. for fun and entertainment and have for over a year.” Here, Dream started out the wrong way, going on about him not being a professional speedrunner, and that he does it only for fun. The thing is, why would Dream go to such lengths to prove he never cheated in the first place? Dream’s excuse for him cheating is he simply forgot he had them on, which is hard to believe due to the fact that Minecraft mods are extremely obvious, and they are pretty hard to forget about, especially when you are the one playing the game. 

Regarding Dream’s fanbase in general, this is a major stab to him and his platform. Many Dream fans have expressed their disappointment in him, and are unsubscribing in mass numbers. Not only that, but Dream’s social platforms are losing followers and subscribers as well, showing Dream just how bad the consequences of lying about something so controversial can be.