A Spike of Helping


Jack Kenzler

Maggie Kenzler, Columnist

Recently, middle and high school girls have been lending a hand to the 5-6 elementary students who are participating in the volleyball intramural.  The volleyball intramural is giving 5-6 an opportunity to not only play volleyball with their friends, but to grasp new skills from older students and Coach Danielle O’Reilly.  This intramural meets on Mondays and Wednesdays after school from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m in the middle school courtyard.  The amount of student coaches vary each intramural, depending on the availability of students. The student coaches are extremely helpful to Coach O’Reilly and are examples to the 5-6 students.

Middle and high school students are using their experiences to assist the 5-6 students.  This will allow them to share the skills they have worked on for years to perfect.  For example, while the participants pass back and forth, the coaches offer advice and distinct techniques.  Not only do the student coaches get an opportunity to help, but they have a chance to earn their volunteer hours for organizations such as National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society.

Student coach freshman Michelle Ogle, setter on Horizon Honors’ high school junior varsity team stated, “My favorite part of working with younger students is helping them improve on their skills in a sport that I love.”  She also said that Coach O’Reilly was her middle school volleyball coach so she wanted to help out.  Another student coach, eighth grader Lindsey Repp shared, “I decided to help out with the intramural, because I was asked to help, and I enjoy teaching younger children the basics of volleyball.”  Repp likes giving them tips on how to enhance their skills in volleyball and be great players.