Athletic Director of the Year


Daisy Valentin, Website Administrator

Nate Agostini, Horizon Honors’ athletic director, was named the AIA 2A Athletic Director of the Year. “It’s an honor and privilege… love doing it [being the athletic director],” exclaimed Agostini. This means that Agostini kept up with his responsibilities as the athletic director which include checking on students making  sure they maintain a 2.0 GPA, managing coaching positions and budgeting for sporting events.

Not only is Agostini the athletic director for our school, but he is the President of the central region of Arizona. This means that if any other schools in the region have questions, they look to him for assistance. He also periodically checks up with the other schools. He takes care of the coaches and attends most sporting events and practices.

Agostini has been at Horizon Honors for a total of 14 years and has served as the athletic director for the past five years.  Agostini taught academic classes at Horizon Honors before taking the job as athletic direction; “I love athletics!” he exclaimed.

One of the main reasons for Agostini loving athletics is more of a philosophical reason, “[students] don’t always win… it prepares them for the real world.”

“He’s very deserving of the award,” exclaimed sophomore basketball player, James Tsai. Athletes at Horizon Honors are very aware of Agostini’s hard work and dedication to his job.

Junior varsity volleyball player, Savannah Cunningham, described Agostini as very supportive of the athletes at Horizon Honors. Sophomore basketball player, Sierra Reese, laughingly said, “He’s cool and gets stuff down… he’s fun and very funny.”

Agostini not only handles high school sports, but also middle school athletics. Eighth graders Skylar Kemper, Hector Rodriguez, Luke Butler and Erik Reid all agreed that he was “totally deserving” of the award. Reid said he was proud and thinks it’s good that he keeps up with all students grades.

Agostini plays a major role for athletic teams at Horizon Honors. As the athletic director Agostini has many responsibilities. Many students involved in athletics agreed that he does a lot of work, but loves his job. They also are very happy and thrilled that he  has been recognized for his tremendous work.