Thor 2: The Dark World, Opens to the World

Thor 2 movie poster. The poster features Thor, God of Thunder.

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Thor 2 movie poster. The poster features Thor, God of Thunder.

Rob Dixon, Columnist

“Thor 2” opened this past weekend, and like all Marvel movies do, it opened with a bang. Featuring the same stellar cast from the first movie, it continues to impress audiences. Thor 2 smashed Marvel box office records with $86 million in the first weekend, hammering itself onto the top of the charts. “Thor 2” also features familiar British actor, Christopher Eccleston, as the main antagonist.

The movie opens with a prologue that takes place at the beginning of time itself. The Dark Elves want to take over the nine realms and continue the reign of darkness using a powerful living weapon known as the Aether. However, they are vanquished by the armies of Asgard. Flash forward about 5,000 years and we have Thor and company battling to regain order within the nine realms. When all is resolved peace reigns, but not for long, the Dark Elves will return to attempt to cover the lands in eternal darkness.

Featuring a brilliant cast, intense plot twists, beloved characters, and of course love interests, “The Dark World”  will not fail to impress. And, as people say,  “Never leave before the end of a Marvel movie.”