Kanye West Had People Talking “All Day”

May 17, 2015, was the day that the Billboard Awards experienced a performance that would have them talking all day.

Nathalia Rivera, Columnist

As Kendall and Kylie Jenner announced their brother-in-law, Kanye West, to close the Billboards Awards by performing “All Day” and “Black Skinhead,” no one would have expected what would have happened next. Once the song started it was very confusing to tell if he was even up there – he was completely hidden behind smoke, flames and sparks. The audience was not happy and informed him by booing. Fans started to leave because of the performance’s ridiculous nature and the censorship that addressed nearly every other word. But wait, it got worse! There was absolute silence for a whole minute.

To me, his whole performance was incredibly funny and ridiculous, because you couldn’t hear the song or see him. But many people were astonished when they found out that he was being censored. Billboard said that they had many people on social media asking if his microphone was broken and wrote that “great artistry is about eliciting a reaction,” as trying to make amends to the situation. Others told People magazine that “West was grossly over censored” and “non-profane lyrics such as ‘with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over thirty second intervals.” Another Billboard production source said that West did not do a dress rehearsal, making him underprepared. For that reason, he didn’t know that they would censor him for an entire minute.

Overall, some believe that his performance was censored too much, while others think that it was terribly inappropriate. In the end, West did apologize to viewers at home, saying that his performance was “ seriously misrepresented.” Due to the booing, censorship, and social media, this will surely be a performance that no one will forget.