The Next Big Step

The transition from eighth grade year to freshman year is a big step, and several eighth graders have started to prepare for it now.


Photo Courtesy of Joseph Grosjean

Soon the current 8th graders will be moving up to high school. Find out what they’re thinking and how they are preparing.

Nathalia Rivera, Columnist

The year is almost over, and eighth graders are going to become freshmen soon. This can be a big change for many kids: different teachers, harder assignments, and maybe new friends. Since most won’t know what to expect, I recommend preparing yourself as best you can. The Sun had chance to interview some eighth graders on how they feel about going into high school and what they are doing to prepare.

Paige Sechrist stated that she is ready for high school, and her teachers are helping out a lot with the process by preparing the students themselves. She is also helping herself by paying attention in class and finding more efficient ways to understand the material. The change from eighth grade to high school is not a concern for her, because she believes there will only be minor changes, such as more difficult classes. She will be sure to continue with the resources that her teachers have given her because “it is not only easier to understand, but it helps [me] to be organized.” Overall, she is very excited and can’t wait for high school to come.

As for eighth grader Monica Ganev, she also is looking forward to high school and has been getting ready for these changes. To prepare, she does her homework, keeps her grades up, and asks questions so she fully understands the work. Ganev believes that it will only be a minor change because she already knows the campus, but she does think that there will be more homework. In the end, she is happy to be going to high school, because she will “have more freedom.” The skills she learned in eighth grade will definitely be moving along with her.

Jessica Espinosa says she is ready for high school and is happy that it is almost here. The way she prepares for next year is by studying for tests and making sure her grades are kept up, so it becomes a habit for more challenging classes next year. She thinks that the transition will be a big change because of the new dress code and all the new things she will learn. Espinosa says that the tips, tricks, and resources she learned in eighth grade are “useful and [she] will use them for the rest [of her life].”

Hargun Sachdev is also prepared to start the next year. The way he gets himself ready for the transition is “by studying and mentally preparing.” He believes it will be a big change, because you have to be more careful of what you do now that “everything counts.” The skills he learned in eighth grade will continue with him throughout his high school years.

The switch from eighth grade to high school can be a big change for some kids, but for others, it may be just a small difference. With all the new changes for next year, it can be a lot to take in, but preparing yourself like these students are will be sure to help.