Prepping for Senior Year

Every year of school has its expectations, and becoming a senior is no different. Some members of Horizon Honors’ soon-to-be senior class share their worries, thoughts, and excitement for the upcoming school year.

Bry Holguin, Columnist

As the year is coming to an end, there’ll soon be a new senior class, and a new year means new changes. Dress code and scheduling are a few things that juniors have to look forward to. The Sun got the chance to interview some juniors that’ll officially become seniors in a matter of days. Chase Edwards, Jacob Bongard, McKenna Arenz, and Ariel Daniel share their thoughts on preparing for the upcoming year.

The Horizon Sun: What are you most excited for?

Varsity baseball player Chase Edwards shares what he’s looking forward to senior year: I’m excited for my morning release and the upcoming baseball season.

Next year will be Jacob Bongard’s second year attending Horizon Honors, and he tells us what he hopes to accomplish this next year: I’m looking forward to continuing my life after high school.

Basketball player McKenna Arenz is most excited for basketball season and hope for a successful final year: I can’t wait for basketball season, and senior year in general.

Varsity soccer player Ariel Daniel has attended Horizon Honors since kindergarten and is excited for her final upcoming year:  I am pretty pumped for senior year. I’m looking forward to my schedule and early releases, because most of my classes are dual enrollment honors AP, and I’ll have a lot of time to do my homework as well as have a decent amount of free time and balance my job on top of all of that and not be supermega stressed.

The Sun: Are there any worries you have?

CE: I’m just hoping not to get senioritis.

JB: I’m just hoping that assignments won’t be too hard, and to still have free time.

MA: Having to do college applications makes me anxious.

AD:  I’m kinda worried about the whole college and preparing for that jump into adulthood and the rest of my life.

The Sun: What’s your favorite change to the new dress code?

CE: Being able to wear logos and athletic shorts.

JB: Wearing logos and brands are probably my favorite.

MA: I’m excited for all the new changes.

AD:  I’m excited for the new dress code. I’ve been going here since kindergarten and the dress code had always been strict starting with tucking in the collared shirts and all that jazz, but it’s been getting better and next year sounds like it’s gonna be the most laid back, so that’ll be cool.

The Sun: Are there any goals you’ve set for yourself?

CE:  Just to do my best, and work hard.

JB:  To do my assignments and maintain good grades.

MA: My main goal is to keep up good grades in all my classes.

AD:  I’d really like to make senior year my most successful year of school yet, grade wise and make it the most enjoyable. I’m one of the captains of the girls’ varsity soccer team and I’d really like for our team to have a successful season and have a really fun year all-around.

The Sun: is there anything you’re doing to prepare for the new year?

CE:  Making sure to be organized, and have a positive attitude.

JB:  I’ve set some goals that I hope to achieve.

MA: I’m doing different homework assignments and researching colleges during the summer.

AD: It’s mostly mental preparation I’m doing, because next year will be my last year of high school and that’s kind of a scary thing to think about, so I’m planning on having a nice, relaxing summer break.