Fighting for Fans

Celebrities are feuding and disagreeing about anything nowadays, and it’s all a big publicity stunt.

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

While scrolling through Twitter, your feed is flooded with feuds among the celebrities of today. Some of these have included debates between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Drake, and Swift again and Katy Perry. All the background knowledge and play-by-play available for each quarrel available for all the world to see gets a little suspicious after a while.

Often, I’ve noticed, two or more people choose to verbally fight in public areas. These fights could be for the support of their fans and others; I start to question whether a lot of the feuds between celebrities are just a big publicity stunt to gain support of fans and get attention from the world.

If there were to ever be a small disagreement between two celebrities, the public would know about it. Magazines, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media known to man would have some sort of opinion about it to spread to others. Magazines would get to know every “juicy detail” and write all about it in at least two pages of their issue. People on social media would do everything possible to make sure others know their opinion and who they think are correct. Celebrities know that, too.

Knowing their fans will spread all this “news” about them by using trending hashtags and talking about it beyond the typing of their fingers on a keyboard, they make the problem seem even worse than what it really is. That way, people that, on a regular day, couldn’t care less about the disputes between celebrities are finding themselves gossiping about what will happen next.

Although I may be wrong, the whole scheme of events is fishy to me. It only seems to be the big-name celebrities that ever have arguments with only one another over social media and other public venues, whether it be digital or physical. It’s very possible that any of the debates between celebrities we know about are just publicity stunts to get more support from the fans.