It’s All In the Family

Family roles aren’t all about feminism and equality, but about happiness and living the life you want.


Photo Courtesy of Sammi Tester

“Happiness Is” by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar discusses 500 things that make people happy. Many of these have something to do with family values.

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

Roles of the family are discussed quite often in the recent years. Many feminists want the woman of the family to be the main source of income – to work just as hard as a man in the workplace. However, does having a high-paying job and coming home to a dirty house make the wife, mother, or single lady happy? Happiness is often overlooked in the household roles, but everyone deserves to be content with their family and their lives.

No matter what they’re doing, no matter what their gender is, everyone deserves happiness. Family is considered the primary source for happiness. It may take a long, deep conversation within the household, but it should certainly be discussed what the roles will be. Who will stay at home? Will both spouses be working? Each person should make sure the other is happy with what you decided and not feel forced into doing something.

If cooking, cleaning, and raising a family makes a woman happy, so be it. However, if that makes a man happy, so be it. Either of them can stay home and live the life of ‘50s housewife if the financial situation allows it and both people are content. It’s not an awful thing if a woman stays at home and gets overjoyed when her husband comes home to a clean house and a homemade meal on the table. If the meaning of family and the radiance of each spouse’s smile touches the other’s heart is in the household everyday, why not let someone stay home? It’s not anti-feminism, it’s letting people to enjoy their lives.

As a young girl, I grew up with two parents that encouraged their kids to follow their hearts, their aspirations. They would support us with whatever crazy dream we had next. Now, when I tell them it’s my goal to be a housewife, they support me on two conditions: I’m happy and I don’t marry someone who will take advantage of me and treat me like the gum stuck to his shoe. We’re more concerned about my well-being than if I’m as equal as a male, as it should be.