Performing Arts Exhibition Is One to Remember

The PAE, which took place on Oct. 22, proved that Horizon Honors is still bursting with talent.

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Performing Arts Exhibition began like any other, but each performance boasted uniqueness by the show’s end.

Brian Murphy, the band director, kicked off the event by explaining how every upcoming rendering was student-driven. Students worked on their own time to learn their material and practice, often finding karaoke versions for their song and sometimes even wrote their own music.

After Murphy’s introduction, sixth grader Gracie Gamble opened with “Almost There” from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” Reese Bennett, also a sixth grader, gave a strong performance on her trombone, playing the “Jurassic Park Main Theme.”

Fifth grader Kloey Klenjans braved the stage next, singing “Tomorrow” from the classic musical “Annie.” Then Kami Lei Bryson, sophmore, used her voice to convey emotion in Christina Perri’s “Arms.”

Afterwards, Kaitlyn Rose Ankrom-Hadden, fifth grader, played the piano and sang to her self-composed piece. Then Natalie VanderLey, eighth grader, brought on her ukulele to play and sing “Count on Me,” written by Bruno Mars.

Seniors Mary Steward, Jack VanDerPol, and junior Joey Vitagliano, took the stage next with “Dust in the Wind.” This performance was one of the most hilarious of the night, seeing how the singer Steward retired to a chair and read a magazine while the accompanists, VanDerPol and Vitagliano, rocked out.

Then fifth grader Ryan Cusick powered through her rendering of the song “Lost Boy.” “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” was performed beautifully on clarinet by Hannah Bezuidenhout and Isabel Andrade-Munoz, both seventh graders.

Up next was fifth grader Eliana Staser who channeled her inner princess by singing “Happy Working Song,” from Disney’s “Enchanted.” Junior Mykah Hernandez’s sultry voice was then highlighted as she sang “Operator” with Vitagliano on guitar. Afterwards, the audience was blown away by Katie Shepherd’s powerful voice as she sang the hit song “Blown Away.”

The classic “Für Elise,” played masterfully by Aspen Smith, eighth grader, on piano came afterwards, and then freshman Burke Wood played the ukulele and sang “We’re Going to Be Friends.”

Kara Seelig then took on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” and the lyrics were complemented excellently by the seventh grader’s vocal tone. Jarod Taylor branched out after by playing his bass to “Anesthesia,” which created a classical edge for an otherwise rock-type instrument.

Kate Wilson, freshman, and Elisa Scott, junior, then professed their friendship through “For Good,” from the popular musical “Wicked.” “Irish Sulte,” played on piano by sixth grader Sadie Goldman, sounded gorgeous.

On came Gabe, sixth grader, and Ariel Daniel, senior, for a haunting and beautiful performance of “Ripe & Ruin & Warm Foothills.” As per usual, their unique voices blended perfectly and Ariel’s guitar playing was excellent.

Vitagliano and Taylor again took the the stage to showcase their expert guitar and bass skills, respectively, as Vitagliano sang “Blister in the Sun.” Senior Jaina Chaston then performed “Stranger to the Rain” from the musical “Children of Eden.”

“Adieu Notre Petite Table,” an operatic piece, was then executed beautifully by senior Joy Pizorno. Her use of emotion coupled with her voice provided a wonderful balance. “In the Summer” was up next and the writer and performer of the song, again Vitagliano, was reminiscent of Paul Simon and very pretty.

Freshman Stephanie Clark closed out the show with the charming and funny “Vanilla Ice Cream” from Broadway’s “She Loves Me.” Her high note at the end of the song proved to be the perfect way to wrap up the night. Congratulations to all performers, and good luck for the next PAE!