Bids for Kids: A Benefacting Event

Participate in this auction to help bring technology into your classroom.

Olivia Doyle, Columnist

On Nov. 2, Horizon Honors’ “Bids For Kids” fundraiser – an online auction – will be coming back. Items such as gift cards, jewelry, and other exclusives will be offered. Anyone can participate. With the money raised, they will buy technology, such as iPads, Chromebooks, and Macs. There is no fee for signing up, and you can even have your business represented by donating. An marketing appeal will be put up either on the school website or on a Bid page on if you donate. Through donating or bidding, you can help Horizon Honors bring technology into your child’s classroom.

This is the fourth year “Bids for Kids” is coming to Horizon Honors. The Horizon Honors’ Staff tried golf tournaments and silent auctions as fundraisers, but they decided that they wanted everyone to be able to participate, and not to have to pay to participate. Items start as low five dollars and go up to a pair of braces at $1500. Last year, 214 people participated with 2,048 bids and 532 items, and the school made $27,236. This year, there are 519 items that you can go and look at now on the “Bids for Kids” Horizon Honors’ website. Horizon Honors faculty also invites you to encourage friends and family to participate.  

Go to the Horizon Honors “BiddingforGood” page.You click “Bidder,” “Register,” and complete the form. Then, go to “My Account and Credit Cards.” Link your credit cards with the site, so when you make a purchase, the charge goes straight to your account. Now, the website allows you to make proxy bids, make straight bids, and purchase a buy-now item. A proxy bid is when you enter the most money (maximum bid) you want to spend on an item; for example, if you only want to spend 60 dollars and only want to bid three dollars at a time, you enter that and each time someone bids, your bid goes up by three until you reach your maximum spending.  Meanwhile, a straight bid is when you bid a specified amount, and a buy-now item is when you can just buy it without having to bid.

You can go and look at the items, watch the bidding, and be kept up-to-date by logging on to the website mentioned previously or going on Facebook and Twitter using #hclcbidsforkids.  Make sure to get on as quickly as possible. “Bids for Kids” ends on Nov. 20. This auction is very beneficial to Horizon Honors and we want as many people to participate as possible. Help us by making a bidding account, donating items, or encouraging others to participate. Horizon Honors is grateful for any money they can make and really hope to have an successful event towards a good cause.