Student Council Changes: The Inside Scoop

In the past, student council has just been one large group. Now, its form of organization has been revised and is completely different.

Olivia Doyle, Columnist

High school student council has always been one large group with a couple of leaders, but recently it has changed. Now, all of Student Council is a big group with many leaders. The Student Council leaders decided that this school needed to try something new, and enacted changes.

Student council (or StuCo) has been around for at least 14 years. The elected representatives are a voice for the student body and help teachers come up with ideas. The changes, according to Heather Wallace, a high school student council sponsor, were from administration and the council provoked by a “need for school spirit.” These changes started to be pondered near the end of last year. So they decided to make the changes. So far, it has been efficient, and even though it has been hard getting used to, they are excited to continue it.

This year there is an executive board which consists of a student body president, vice president, communications director, and a secretary/treasurer. Then, for each grade level (senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman), there is a president vice president, secretary/treasurer, and representative.

Your new student council hopes that these changes will be beneficial to you. They will try as hard as they can to make your voices heard and discuss issues you think necessary with the school board. They especially want to emphasize to you that they are here for you. Overall, high school student council hopes to help make your year better by representing your opinion.