More than Just Breast Cancer

As October has come and passed, it must be recognized that there are other types of cancer just as important as breast cancer.

Vivi Padilla, Columnist

Everyone knows about Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October: there are walks, NFL players wearing pink, and so much more. As important as this cause is, it must be recognized that there are other – some even worse – kinds of cancer that don’t get as much attention.

Other cancers should get more recognition. Breast cancer is not the most fatal cancer and not the only one. According to WebMD, lung/bronchial cancer is the most fatal and one of the most common types of cancer in the United States: one out of 13 people get lung cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, 47.2 percent of people die from lung cancer and only 21.9 percent from breast cancer. Yet, as stated by the ASCO Post, the National Cancer Institute spent $1.803 billion  on breast cancer research compared to $776.4 million on lung cancer research with others at the most $500 million. These statistics show why other cancers need to be supported as much as breast cancer.

All of them need the same amount of support to help the patients. One specific cancer should not take all the attention: people who have a different cancer feel left out and not thought about. All cancers should be equally supported, each with their own month of support.

Go and help with as many cancer causes as possible. This is not trivializing breast cancer but supporting all of the cancers together as each has a profound effect on those diagnosed with it.